U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at TLH

As this airport has a title international, they have to provide a global entry as well. There are private flight passengers who will need this service, and it is mandatory to have. The United States invented this system to consume less time of passengers and avoid a long time checking procedures. Passengers with this entry can go through security checkpoints without standing in a queue and move around. There are no queues for them because not many passengers have this badge. However, if a passenger has this badge, he/she can use automatic kiosks and cross the border. Those kiosks can be found easily.

If a passenger wants to know why there are no queues for this kind of passenger, it is why there are not many travelers who use this service. It is newly implemented, some of them do not know this service, some of them do not know how it works and other issues as well. However, it is easy to have this badge, if a passenger shows a valid ID, the validity of this ID will be checked by a particular machine, which is made for this purpose and if this machine will approve the realness of this document they can cross the border. This system helps not only passengers but the TSA agents as well. A permanent resident card can be used as an alternative for a passport, and this will be checked as well.

Even though it does not always happen, passengers have to be prepared to answer all questions with honesty and get candid with them if it is mandatory. They have to be prepared for those kinds of questions.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at TLH

However, most of the passengers think that every airport has the same regulations and rules, but in reality, they differ a lot, and they have different limitations about the weight of baggage for example or various prohibited items are available in this airport, while they are not in another one, and vice versa. This is the main reason each passenger has to check the regulations not to have additional fees.


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